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Land Remediation Relief

Land Remediation Relief offers your business the opportunity to claim substantial corporation tax relief or even a tax-exempt cash refund. Our clients, on average, receive a remarkable 24% of their expenses incurred in remediating contaminated land or buildings. This innovative tax incentive encourages businesses to undertake the critical task of remediating contaminated sites by providing financial relief. By participating in this initiative, you actively contribute to cleaning up contaminated areas, preserving ecosystems, maintaining biodiversity, and reducing the environmental impact of pollution.

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What Qualifies for LRR?

LRR applies to land or buildings that are considered contaminated, meaning they contain substances or pollutants that pose risks to human health or the environment. This can include brownfield sites, industrial areas, or sites affected by historical pollution. The presence of contaminants may result from activities such as industrial processes, waste disposal, or accidental spills. The scope for qualifying contaminants is vast, we recommend speaking to one of our advisors to learn more.


The scheme allows you to claim certain expenses involved, such as preparatory actions like consultancy fees, risk assessments, laboratory costs, and regulatory liaison expenses. Additionally, capital expenditure for items such as plant and machinery, employment and labor costs, and sub-contractor expenses are eligible for relief. LRR claims are made retrospectively within a 3-year period linked to your business's accounting cycle. Enquire below, and speak to one of our advisors via a consultation.

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