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Research & Development Tax Credits 

R&D tax credits serve as an incentive provided by the UK government for companies engaged in exploring new concepts or enhancing existing products. The government actively encourages innovation and entrepreneurship, recognising their positive impact on the national economy and the UK's standing on a global scale. If a business satisfies the qualifying criteria, it becomes eligible to recoup a percentage of the funds invested in Research and Development (R&D) activities. A successful R&D claim can result in the business receiving a direct cash payment from HMRC, a reduction in its Corporation Tax bill, or a refund for previously overpaid taxes. 

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Qualifying For R&D Tax Credits

Many companies, in the midst of innovation and improvement, often overlook the fact that they are making investments that qualify for substantial tax benefits. At Stamford Cromwell, we understand that your company's dedication to creating new products, services, or enhancing existing ones is not just a business endeavor but a commitment to progress. It's our mission to ensure that your efforts are duly recognised, and that you reap the rewards you deserve.

It's not uncommon for businesses to miss out on valuable opportunities simply because they are unaware of the tax relief options available to them. Our team of R&D tax credit advisors specialises in identifying these overlooked activities, ensuring that no qualifying expenditure goes unnoticed. By partnering with us, you can uncover the potential for receiving extra cash or reducing your tax liabilities significantly.


Under the SME scheme, smaller companies can reclaim up to 33% of their R&D expenditure, providing a substantial financial boost. For larger enterprises, the RDEC scheme offers a pathway to claim the benefits they rightfully deserve. We navigate the complexities of these schemes with expertise, ensuring that your company maximises its eligible claims without unnecessary hassle.

Stamford Cromwell is committed to being your guide through the intricacies of R&D tax relief. With our dedicated team of professionals, we aim to empower your business to thrive by turning your innovation into financial advantage. Don't let the rewards of your hard work go unnoticed—partner with us to unlock the full potential of R&D tax relief. Your innovation deserves to be recognised, and we're here to make sure it is.

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